The vineyards owned (approx. 12 hectares) are on the hills of Sant’Andrea in Barbiano, Municipality of Felino, at about 300 m a.s.l..¬†Since 2017 we have also rented a vineyard in the foothill of Vidiana, Municipality of Langhirano, of approx. 5 hectares at 250 m a.s.l.. In this vineyard there are Barbera and Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, while in ours – in addition to these two vines – we also grow Sauvignon, Trebbiano, Lambrusco Maestri, Fortanina del Taro and Croatina. The growing form is simple espalier with rows in the direction of the slope, a single Guyot-trained fruit head and a plant density of about 3,500/4,000 vines per hectare.

All the operations executed on the vine are done by hand: pruning, tying, stripping and harvesting. We also take great care of the soil and every operation we do is aimed at improving its structure always with the utmost respect for the microbiological life of the soil itself. The grassing is spontaneous, with the presence of more than 70 species of herbs.

As a protection we only use copper and sulfur in minimum amounts. We do not use any fertilizer except in the first years of planting. If necessary, we provide mature manure. This way of cultivating the vine can only be done in suitable soils, where human intervention is minimal.

We need farmers, poets, people who can bake bread, people who love trees and can recognise the wind.