Sweet Malvasia


The grape variety is Malvasia di Candia Aromatica. It is kept sweet through bag filtration, aimed at interrupting fermentation. This leaves a partially fermented grape must with a low alcohol content (approx. 4-6% by Vol).

Immense aroma, straw yellow color, the bitter aftertaste typical of the vine in its sweet version is barely perceptible, because it is mitigated by the high residual sugar level.

It is ideal in combination with spoon desserts, cakes, tarts and even dry pastries. To the most daring ones, I recommend an old tradition of the area: get a large glass, fill it with sweet Malvasia and “drown” good cookies or pieces of excellent dry cake. I guarantee you indescribable taste and olfactory sensations!

Recommended serving temperature:
About 10°-12° C

Recommended glass type: