The grape variety is Malvasia di Candia Aromatica. As the name suggests, it comes from Crete. Introduced in this area several centuries ago, it is one of the oldest and most aromatic vines in the world. Until 30/50 years ago it was vinified only in sweet or semi-sweet, today it has been found that it gives excellent results even in dry.

Straw yellow in color, very fragrant and with an unmistakable bitter aftertaste (peculiar characteristic of this vine), it is a very powerful wine – both in the aroma and in the mouth – and it is certainly a wine “for the whole meal”.
When aged it has no limits in accompanying dishes, even the most demanding ones!

It lends itself well to combining with our typical cured meats (salami, ham, cooked shoulder, bacon, etc.).
As mentioned above, it is also great with risottos, vegetable and tomato pasta and white meat second courses.
Excellent and “superb” with pizza … a must-try!!!

Recommended serving temperature:
About 15°-18° C

Recommended glass type: