The grape variety is Sauvignon and, as it can be deduced from the name, it is of French origin. On our hills it started making its appearance here and there several centuries ago, but it was Count Brian in 800 who began to plant it in an intensive way as he aimed at the production of sauvignon wine on Parma hills. He imported the vines from France and then implanted them in his estate around the hills of the castle of Felino (one of his possessions at that time).

Today we can safely declare that Count Brian intuition was fully right, as the Sauvignon vine immediately proved to be in ideal harmony with our climate and our soil, allowing us to obtain a wonderful wine.

Sauvignon is a very elegant wine, with a delicate aroma and with a structure that can be easily combined with many dishes: it is excellent when paired with the most important cold cuts, such as culatello, and with fish! Also excellent as an aperitif. For those who love to drink aged wine, it also lends itself to a good aging in the bottle, where it refines and enhances its characteristics even

Recommended serving temperature:
About 15°-16°C

Recommended glass type: