Harvest 2020

Rosso della bandita


It is a blend of four different red grapes, but we won’t say which ones, because we would like to play a bit with those who try to identify them. It is not important to understand which specific vines, but it is essential to know that it is a blend, namely grapes harvested and pressed together. This implies that one vine is ripe, another one a little less, one over-ripe and so on. Therefore a wine that, from its first fermentation in barrel, arises from all these four grapes that face the whole wonderful journey to become wine together.

The result is a simple and immediate sparkling dry red wine without a precise identity defined by the vine, but rather characterized, as well as by the vintage like the others, by the concordances and discordances of the four grapes in being together throughout the fermentation.

Why such a wine?
The easiest answer would be to state that I wanted to make a wine like our grandparents used to do in Emilia, as they used to put together all the white grapes they grew, doing the same with the red grapes, so to obtain one sparkling white wine and one red wine.

As far as I am concerned, however, there’s something more, something deeper and personal…a story, even that of its name, born and endured during the first years when I began this wonderful job. A story I shared with an equally wonderful and very important person to me: Francesco, my father-in-law. And here I stop, I don’t go further: I don’t want to bore the reader, especially the sommelier, with personal tales.

It’s up to you!

Recommended serving temperature:
About 15°-18°C

Recommended glass type: