The vine is Trebbiano, mostly Tuscan and in a small part from Romagna. It was present only in Ovidio’s vineyard, which I have been renting since 2004 and which was planted in 1968. At that time he used to plant a part of Trebbiano for its characteristic generous productivity. Today it has almost disappeared in this area, unfairly snubbed as a “piquette”.

In 2004 I first experienced the vinification of this grape and, once I had easily succeeded in overcoming some perplexities about its “miserable fame” (I am now used to swimming against the tide, preferring to follow old traditions rather than new trends), I could verify as usual how much nature – and in this specific case the Vine – can be generous if only we support it with humility, deep respect and a lot of love during its seasonal cycles. The result is a deeply surprising, nice and graceful wine which is at the same time characterised by strong and well-defined aromas and flavors.

Once again I have to thank the Vine that managed to move me, providing me with a wine that goes beyond all expectations. For this reason, the following year – in 2005 – we planted about 1 hectare of Trebbiano.

Certainly fantastic in combination with all our typical cured meats, it can also be paired with a lot of first courses, white meats, soft cheeses and so on, but – precisely because it is a non-aromatic vine – this wine best expresses itself as an aperitif!

Recommended serving temperature:
About 15°-16°C

Recommended glass type: